Behind all this

Who is Selena?

The name of Selena is derived from selēnē (the moon), the mythological goddess of the moon for the Greek.

Nowadays we would describe Selena as having her own personality! Independent, free and sharpe, she is a woman who live in her own terms. Always smiling and enjoying life, she doesnt tolerate disrespect from anyone… Yes, she is the type of “what you see is what you get!” with no bullshit. Despite this, Selena remains very popular because of her charming and pleasant personality. Always willing to try and learn new things.

What is Selena Fashion?

Selena Fashion is a small boutique in Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island known for its beaches, lagoons and blablabla… Yes! Mauritius is very beautiful, but Selena Fashion is only about Fashion. Created in 2017, our aim at Selena is to delivery comfortable, classy, casual but elegant clothes for any occasion. By any occasion we meant work (yea those long hours of meetings, and mailbox with tons of unread mails), after work drinks and chilled weekends…

Who is behind it?

Selena Fashion was created by two sisters born and grown up in France. No, we are not from the fashion capital, Paris but more from the French Alpes also known for its melted-cheese-dish: Raclette. Then for some time we moved to the United Kingdom (Scotland and London) till we decided to settle in Mauritius.

In 2018, we wanted to learn to sew as both of us were not at all into fashion and sewing. We didn’t even know how to differentiate fabrics… but wanted to start having our own collection of clothes! So, a lot of self-learning plus some courses helped us to get into this new world. And we are still learning!

Why this blog?

In a world where everything goes too fast we wanted to feature the things that happen to Selena Fashion to keep track on the evolution. Our goal with this blog is to share our experience of having to manage a small boutique on a day to day basis (with all the ups and downs), our sewing experiments but also our inspirations, voyages, lifestyles…

Selena Fashion is constantly changing and trying more things… we hope you will enjoy spending some time reading us over a cup of tea (or coffee).

Comments on the articles, send us emails, suggest us topics you would like us to talk about, we would be pleased to hear from you.

See you soon!



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