First sewing project!

I started sewing about 4months ago. Being a kinesthetic (or tactile) learner, in order to learn something without getting bored or losing interest too quickly, I need to have a clear understanding of the outcome and learn by doing it. I had so many reasons to learn sewing:

  1. I was selling clothes and was fed up of people telling me this and that… about the quality of the fabric, the stitching of that blouse, etc. So, I wanted to educate myself.
  2. Having my own shop my dream was (and still is) to have my own fashion line that I could sell at the shop.
  3. Imagine how awesome it would be to make your own dress?

For all those reasons, I started to make a very simple top/blouse from a fabric that I found on a market in Mauritius at an affordable price. My first project turns to be okayyyyy (with a few mistakes thought but it was ok for a first time I guess).

With a Burda and the help of my sister and mother, here is what I managed to do.



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