Let’s plan 2019 together!

Good Morning Girls,

How is your day so far?

While driving to work this morning I realised that 2018 was about to end! This made me think about the things that I’ve achieved during the year and those I did not… the highlights, the lessons, the happy time, the sad one, etc.

2018 was a complicated year. A mixture of restlessness with some sudden events, struggles and loses… But at the same time, I was OK, not happy or sad. I was just OK… All these thoughts make me wonder how 2019 would be? What do I wish for 2019? At some point don’t we all need to be reinvented in order to grow?

Beginning of March 2018 someone asked me about my 2018’ goals. As my life was a whirlwind of everything at that time, new events, travels, new projects, etc. I did not set any goals for 2018! Ah ha! Was that the reason I felt so restless throughout the year?

Now that this year is done (Okay, we still have 1 month to go) maybe we should start planning on 2019? Let’s make 2019 an amazing year!

I did some research this morning and found some articles that I would like to share with you:

Every article is very interesting, and you will learn from them. However, each of them has different approach, based on specific goal. For example, some models are more oriented toward meditation or travel, money, health, etc. But I am not sure I want to do 4 abs everyday (even 2 is too much for me…don’t laugh), or drink Kale juice every morning (though I did try…) or even be a millionaire… Some articles were more general about the topic but again it was too general for me…

So, getting inspired with all of them, I’ve decided to make my own!

  • Step 1: Reflect on the past year
  • Step 2: Dreams and wishes for the year
  • Step 3: Set goals
  • Step 4: Decline your goals with measurable and actionable actions
  • Step 5: Monthly plan

Now we have a structure of 5 steps to plan 2019. Because it takes time to gather our thoughts and reflect on it, I suggest that for each step we take 1 week. Each will I will post a detailed article for each step.

See you soon,



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