How to: reflect on 2018?

Good Morning Beautiful People!

Today we will talk about the end of year review which is step 1 in the preparation of 2019. Before getting into each and every detail of 2018, let me ask you this: How was 2018 for you?

I don’t know about you, but I am so so so glad that 2018 is OVER! And I can’t wait to welcome 2019!

Before welcoming 2019, let’s reflect on 2018…

As we get busy with our life and tired by events happening around us, we tend to look for some rest in front of a good TV show (by the way I’ve watched some good series on Netflix this year) or on our Social Media feed, Facebook, Instagram, etc…however, we rarely take the time to reflect. And without reflection it is hard to understand and align our journey toward what we are truly looking for in life.

An article from Ashley Janssen perfectly describe why it is important to reflect on things that happened: “The practice of reflection powerful in that it can provide you with a measure of self-awareness and understanding of how you came to your present state.”

But how to do it?

Having done it, believe me this is not an easy job and it takes time! So make sure you have at least one hour to dedicate to yourself (if you are like me you need more that one hours)

Ok GO! Let’s start!

As it would be difficult (and time consuming) to recall everything that happened during the 365 days of the years, I suggest that we take 1 self-assessment and choose at least 5 meaningful events (the one that come on top of your mind when you think of 2018). For me I can recall 8 major events. That doesn’t mean that the other events are less important but I just felt like the 8 events was the most important one.

Self-assessment: note down everything related to you, your feeling, your mood, state of mind. You can divide it into months, semester, quarter… this is up to you and how you feel. In my case I’ve divided 2018 into trimester.

  • January to march
  • April to July
  • August to October
  • October to December

Events: note down events that happened during the year and had an impact on you. Some meaningful event that made a difference in 2018. Reflect on them, how was your mood? Was the event expected? Was it sudden, did you plan for it? Was there a lesson? Sometime when something happen you don’t immediately understand why this is happening and see the lesson behind it… can you see it now? Did this event brought something to you? New friendship or did you lose some? Write everything that come in your mind related to this event.

Now you have listed all the events, classify them into good (the positive event that brought us happiness, laughs and joy) and bad (events that brought lessons).

Now that you have an overview of 2018 with your self-assessment and events list you can make a summary of the year. Out of the good and bad events what did you learned? What do you need to change or adjust in your life? What are the things you need to improve or to do more often? Out of 2018, what do you want for 2019?

Remember, Christmas is just before the New Year so that you got to ask the universe everything you want for 2019… as you would ask everything from Santa Claus 😉

On this note, we will talk continue with “Step 2: Dreams and wishes for the year” in our next article.

Have a lovely week,


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