Be my shift dress

Hello ladies,

During the last weeks, I felt very lazy writing articles about my sewing project. Not that I don’t have any project but mostly because I find it very difficult to write about sewing as I don’t know where and how to start. But well… here I go!

We all have a dress that we just LOVE in our wardrobe! In my case the dress I like the most is a shift dress (I like shift dress because I find them comfy… and they hide my love handles very well). So, I took this dress as a reference for my pattern. I directly draw the pattern based on this dress and then did some adjustment where it was needed.

Doing this dress made me realise that I really need to learn more about sewing techniques. I need to find a website where I can learn. When making the dress I came across a website Couture Débutant, a French language website. I really like how she explain things and started to follow her.

Coming back to the dress, I had a fabric that I was not using – I bought it without knowing what I will do… so now I have a dress! Hehe.

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